New Pet Needs

What Do You Need For Your New Dog?

You’re getting ready to bring your brand-new puppy or dog home, and you walk into the nearby pet

shop to grab a few things you know you need prior to picking up your new furever friend. You find

yourself absolutely bewildered with all the options for beds, toys, dog food, teeth products, collars,

leashes, harnesses, vitamins, booties, brushes, clippers, outside dog houses, pools and anything

else your canine friend will ever need. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to use

your common sense and remember, as long as you have the main requirements, the rest can wait

until the pup gets settled in and the budget allows for it.


Among the most important choices you can make is where your canine is going to sleep. Will you

put him/her in a dog crate during the night and while you are gone? Will you block off an area of

your home as their space and place their bed in there? These decisions will dictate what you need

to acquire with regard to a bed and accessories. If you are selecting a pet crate, you will require one

big enough for your dog to stand up, reverse, and lay down. If its larger than that, you can have an

issue with the dog making use of part of the pet crate as its very own individual bathroom and we

don’t want that to start happening. A general rule of thumb is; a dog will not dirty in their own den,

or in this case crate. If you are going to gate off a portion of your home, you’ll need to measure the

entrance to the room and get a gate to go access it. Lots of dog gates are very similar to baby

gates, and also there are a great deals of gate options available, so do your homework and select

the one that’s best for your situation.


Everyone knows, this is the fun part of owning a dog….buying the toys….can never have enough

toys!!! This is where it is very easy to go overboard, actually, this where you will go overboard, no

doubt about it. Also, all your friends and family will be bringing new toys. Initially, its ideal to get

one soft toy, one squeaky plaything, one tennis ball, and one rubber toy. See what your dog likes

to play with first, then you can get similar toys. Learn your dogs play style. Pets are similar to

babies in that respect: they have a favored toy and have a tendency to overlook the rest. Watch

your canine closely with toys at first, particularly those that have stuffing in them. Pets often tend to

like to tear playthings apart, the stuffing will make them sick and we do not want to go to the vet so



There are many food choices available and it can be overwhelming to choose. Ask friends what

they feed their pets, ask the breeder/previous owner what they have been fed so far, ask the vet for

recommendations, and ask the clerk at your favorite pet food store what is most popular. It is wise

to try to keep them on the food they are used to and slowly mix in the new food you want to get

them onto. This will save them from getting loose stool and an upset stomach from a rapid change

in food. If you do not know what kind of food they have been on, get them some dry kibble, it is

easiest on their digestive system Make sure you buy the best brand you can afford, the low cost

ones contain fillers and not as much good for the dog.

Cleaning Products

Among the largest worries people have regarding earning a brand-new canine is what to do if the

pet dog has an “accident” on the rug or material couch. That’s why you’ll discover a substantial

selection of cleaning products for your family pet at the neighborhood pet dog shop. Your best

choice is to choose one cleaning item that eliminates spots and odors from carpets and material.

Make sure the bottle states its safe to make use of around pet dogs. One more essential cleaning

product is a container that affixes to your pet’s chain that holds plastic bags. These bags are

utilized to pick up after your pet dog when you’re out on strolls, and also are typically perfumed to

mask any kind of unwanted odors in addition to treated with anti-bacterial agents to help avoid the

spread of illness.


You will also find a large assortment of collars in different styles, choose a good quality one,

especially if your dog is going to be on the larger size. Nylon is a good strong material and is

washable. There is no need for a choker collar if your dog is under 5 months old, their necks are

still growing and are sensitive, it can wait until training starts. We will come back to this on another

page. Harnesses can replace collars if they are your choice. Again, see what you like and what is

easiest to get on and off the dog. These are the bare necessities for dog ownership. See our

other pages for more information

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